About me

I’m an ordinary person who has been on an emotional journey of self-discovery over rough terrain. 

I’m no stranger to life’s setbacks and disappointments and have experienced feelings of anxiety, depression and helplessness, whilst seemingly coping with the demands of a busy family life and juggling a professional career in public service and education. 

I had a tough childhood, losing my father suddenly at a young age and a difficult relationship with my mother thereafter. I threw myself into a difficult career, working long hours under constant stress and dealing with confrontation, spending many days and weeks travelling away from home. Add to that lack of sleep, poor nutrition and not mentally nourishing myself I found comfort in my addictions, I often spent my time functioning badly or in total isolation. When it all caught up I simply couldn’t handle life.

Something had to change. Somewhere deep down inside I knew I was here for another purpose. I tried different forms of therapy but felt no one ‘got it’, that no one really understood me, after a particularly difficult personal time and hitting rock bottom, fate drew me to two people who transformed my life. 

From the day I made that change I haven’t looked back. Over the last number of years, I’ve studied, read, learned and discussed and I have come across people desperate for advice and guidance just as I had been years before. 

Having been there myself, I found it easy to appreciate the battles they were fighting.

These days I grab life with both hands and believe strongly that anything is possible. 

I believe that we can do or be anything we want once we truly find our authentic self.  Each experience from my own story taught me so much. 

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